About Me

I’m Emilee.

I’m an urban apartment-dwelling writer, photographer, and wife. I am also an aspiring homesteader with dreams of moving out of the city and having my own piece of sustainable land. Camping, cooking, and watching football are a few of my favorite things. I also spend my time gardening, making art, and working on DIY projects! I love the smell of balsam fir and fresh cut grass.

So what is this blog all about?

My mission is to connect to, share with, and learn from established homesteaders and DIYers, as well as inspire other aspiring homesteaders and urban dwellers to become more self-sufficient and . Elk Was Here is a collection of my experiences, DIY projects, tips, advice and much more. For those of you confused, “Elk” are my initials.

A few of the things I like to write about:

Saving Money

I love to hear from others so make sure to drop me a line on any of my posts or write me here.


In need of photos? I can help you with your family portraits, event photos, or senior pictures. I also can also help with post production photography (editing photos to look professionally taken) and creating meaningful slideshows for your special events. Feel free to write me a message for any of these services or if you have another idea or photography need.