DIY Rustic Clock

A clock was on the top of my list of things I want.  I just love the look of a big wall clock.  They take up wall space and can be really interesting and functional art pieces to spruce up a room.

So I was pretty thrilled when I found an old picnic table that was being thrown out, yet the wooden tabletop was in perfect condition.  The wood is a washed gray color and very lightweight, making them perfect for a home decor craft or DIY project.  Remembering that I had a clock on my wishlist, it didn’t take me long to realized this was the perfect material to make my own wall clock.

DIY Rustic Clock - An old patio table becomes an art piece. From: Elk Was Here

How I Built my Clock

Let me start by reminding you that Peter and I live in a triplex so don’t really have a garage or yard to ourselves.  Our tool supply is limited, which make most of my DIY projects somewhat interesting.

Tools Needed

  • Wooden boards (get creative!)
  • Hand saw
  • C-clamp
  • Saw horses or similar (I used the porch rail and a chair ;-))
  • Work gloves
  • Box Knife (for scoring the wood before sawing)
  • Pencil
  • Screws
  • Pictures hanging wire
  • Eye hooks (2)
  • Clock movement
  • Clock hands

I laid out a number of boards that fit well together and used the glass insert from a round table we have on our porch to trace a perfect circle on the boards.  The circle is a little under 2 feet, which was a good size for the clock face.

In order to cut the boards I used a c-clamp to hold each board to the porch railing and balanced the other end of the board on a chair.  I used a regular handsaw to cut the boards.  The set-up was nothing fancy.  It took a good while to get the hang of sawing a curved line with a handsaw but the boards were thin enough that I could make it work.  I used a box knife to make scores in the wood to ease the sawing work.  I tell you my set-up so you know that you don’t need a large array of tools and professional workspace for all DIY projects like this.  It might make things easier but when you’re on a budget and have little space, you just need to get creative!

DIY Rustic Clock - An old patio table becomes an art piece. From: Elk Was Here

I used the same boards that held the table together on the back of the clock face.  I did this carefully, leaving enough space in the center for the clock movement (the motor that makes the clock go).  I then added some hanging wire. Lastly, I attached the clock hands.  The clock hands are really delicate so you don’t want to attach them until the very end.

DIY Rustic Clock - An old patio table becomes an art piece. From: Elk Was Here

As of now, I haven’t added numbers to the face.  I think I’ll eventually just add roman numerals 12, 3, 6, and 9.  The blank clock face has kind of grown on me and adds a modern touch to a rustic piece.  I found the table just before Peter and my wedding anniversary. The one year anniversary material is paper (traditional) and clocks (modern) so this was perfect.  Not only does it match the one year theme, it’s homemade and unique.

DIY Rustic Clock - An old patio table becomes an art piece. From: Elk Was Here

Any unique clock or home project ideas that you’ve worked on recently? Share them with me!