Kaitlyn at 9 Months! – Photos

I am so excited to see this little sweetie in the next couple of weeks for her 1 year pictures! It is absolutely insane how time flies by so quickly. It seems like just last month I was taking her 6 month pictures and suddenly she’s almost 1 year old! Before I take her 1 year pictures, I want to highlight:

Kaitlyn at 9 Months

Kaitlyn 9 Months

At 9 months old, Kaitlyn likes music and dancing. She’s not so into changing outfits (but she does it for her mom).

Kaitlyn 9 Months

Speaking of which, she loves her mama and has a special smile reserved just for her.

disney princess

Kaitlyn hates grass but put up with it for me – even if just for a short period of time.

Kaitlyn 9 Months

She’s obsessed with her dad, his hat, and her own tongue (because who knew that you can taste things – edible or not).

minnesota family

At this age, Kaitlyn pretty much finds most things her parents do extremely amusing.  The three of them are an incredibly happy, crazy, and loving family.  Can’t wait for our next shoot!

Thank you Alicia and Justin for letting me spend time with your wonderful family!